Who We Are

Y&C Wholesale Ltd was established in 2010. We are a wholesaler and distributors supplying wholesale retail schools, hotels, catering, yachts .

We are committed to our customers, bringing a variety of brands and quality items at competitive pricing, alongside supreme customer service .

Our promise to our customers is a fast, efficient and friendly service and await the opportunity to serve you .

What we sell

Y&C source and distribute many famous top named brands, amongst them: P&G, Coca Cola, Jordans, Kelloggs, Nestle, Pampers, Quaker, Tate & Lyle and many others. Y&C Wholesale specialises in Kosher products .

Additionally we have taken an interest into the health category, and distribute brands like Rude Health, Urban fruit, Fresh organic products(aqua carpatica).

What We Do

Y&C distribute goods across the whole of UK and Europe, in addition to supplying premium stores in all territories. We are constantly importing and sourcing innovative new products and then marketing them successfully. This includes many great brands imported from USA and across Europe. We have exclusivity on many USA brands which we then distribute in the UK and beyond. We offer great pricing for major UK brands to be exported across the globe .

Y&C Wholesale supply weekly to 70 retail stores, bringing our consumers an up to date satisfying shopping experience. We offer various shopping channels to our customers and are proud to launch our new website ycwholesale.co.uk , alongside our phone app, sales rep, telesales. Each item on the website is now symbolised for customer convenience. Our full catalogue is now available to download on our website.

Y&C Wholesale sell direct to consumer via various online channels, filling approximately 15,000 orders monthly.

Y&C Wholesale is more than just another average wholesaler. Our priority and aim is to supply the highest quality offering at the most economical cost and to provide supreme customer service, which we hope will distinguish our company from the rest of the competition. Our promise to our customers is a fast, efficient and friendly service and support. We await the opportunity to serve you.